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Renewable Energy Systems Track Offered by University of Moratuwa

The University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka is an independent state university located at Katubedda, Moratuwa overlooking the picturesque Bolgoda Lake. It was established as the University of Moratuwa (UoM), Sri Lanka on 22 December 1978 under the Universities Act No.16 of 1978 and operates under the general direction of the University Grants Commission. University of Moratuwa, consists of three Faculties namely, Architecture, Engineering and Information Technology with nineteen (19) academic departments offering eleven (11) Bachelors degree programs to students selected by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and fifty six (56) postgraduate programs together with MSc, Phil & PhD research based postgraduate degrees. The University has an undergraduate student population of 7687, and 1050 NDT Diploma students of the Institute of Technology of University of Moratuwa the ITUM. The University mission is to be the leading Knowledge Enterprise for technological and related disciplines in South Asia by Providing transformative education in technological and related disciplines which nurtures the inquiring mind and develops knowledge and skills for facing global challenges, Carrying out nationally relevant and high-impact research to expand the boundaries of knowledge and to enhance the national technological capabilities, Providing expert services to the State, Industry and the Society as an Internationally positioned Sri Lankan University and Contributing to sustainable, scientific, technological, social and economic development of Sri Lanka.

Course Details

Second Year Curricula

The second year Specialisation Curriculum (Semesters 4 and 4 Courses) track under the University of Moratuwa. In the second year, you will take core modules in Renewable Energy Systems specialisation track offered by the masters programme.

Course Information

Courses Under Renewable Energy Systems Track (Semester 3 and Semester 4)

  • MRTA311 Bioenergy Systems
  • MRTA212 Solar Energy Systems
  • MRTA213 Small Hydro Power Systems
  • MRTA214 Wind Energy Systems
  • MRTA215 Sustainability and Circular Economy of Renewable Energy Systems
  • PDNA225 Entrepreneurship in Energy Business
  • RHUA232 Integration of Renewable Energy Technologies
  • DMXA204 Energy Storage in Industry
  • MRTAD00 Research Project (Renewable Energy Systems)

Course Lecturers

Prof. Ajith De Alwis
Ms. Dilhara Sethunga
Dr. (Mrs.) Duleeka Gunarathne
Prof. Mahinsasa Narayana
Dr. Mahinsasa Rathnayeka
Prof. Rathnasiri Puhulwella
Dr. (Mrs.) Sanja Gunawardena
Dr. Thushara Subasinghe

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