First Year Curricula

Courses Under Common Circular

Semester 1

  • DMX9301 Circular Economy Towards Energy
  • DMX9102/ MRT9102 Introduction to Renewable Energy
  • DMX9303/ PDN9303 Applied Thermal Engineering
  • DMX9104/ PDN9104 Thermal Energy Conversion Technologies
  • DMX9205/ MRT9205 Professional Ethics and Responsibility
  • DMX9106 Information search and Report Writing
  • DMX9707 Entrepreneurial and Innovative Challenges in the field of Energy
  • DMX9108/ PDN9108 Life Cycle Analysis
  • DMX9209 Sustainable Transportation Systems
  • DMX9110/ RHU9110 Hydrogen Technologies and Fuel Cells
  • DMX9111/ PDN9111Thermochemical Principles

Semester 2

  • DMX9312/ MRT9312 Renewable Energy Systems
  • DMX9213 Research Methodology and Scientific Writing
  • DMX9114/ PDN9114 Computational Tools in Energy systems
  • DMX9215/ RHU9215 Energy Project Planning & Management
  • DMX9216/ RHU9216 Operation and Maintenance of Energy Systems
  • DMX9117 Nuclear Energy
  • DMX9118/ RHU9118 Geothermal Energy
  • DMX9119/ PDN9119 Ocean Energy
  • DMX9120/ PDN9120 Modern Leadership

Allocated Credits

Toal 37 credits, This course spans over semester 1 and semester 2. Given credits values for Semesters 1 and 2 are indicative values for sharing the workload between 2 Semesters. In Semester 1 students are expected to work from big idea to guiding activities and resources in the Challenge Based Learning approach. These activities would require about 200 hours. In Semester 2, it is necessary to start from synthesis and go through the steps of Solution concepts, Solution development and finally Implementation and evaluation. Activities in Semester 2 would need about 500 hours.