Target Groups

Specific Target Groups

Specific target groups for the master programme and the whole EUSL-Energy project are teachers, students, university faculty, administrators, leadership, and legislators, as well as persons already professionally active in all around the world.

Being partners of the programme, the teachers will further enhance their international profile and will have access to a shareware educational material where they can interact with other universities. They can expand their possibilities of giving courses of their own specialty to, through Learnify digital platform, international students, and get a better understanding of practices, policies and systems in education, training, and youth across countries.

Students of the master programme will with the new material get access to a much broader, varied, and diversified view of the energy sector. They will have the possibility to work with learners at other universities. Through the innovation and entrepreneurial programme perspective they will be better adapted for the 21st century labour market.

Through the EUSL-Energy project, University faculty (especially younger), administrators, leadership and legislators will have opportunity to identify possibilities for joint programmes, identify what kind of obstacles might exist for larger co-operations on international scale. Their digital teaching skills will be greatly enhanced.

Active engineers will profit from the locally adapted learning units, MOOCs and courses developed jointly through the collaboration between the universities in the "advanced" and "emerging" economies.

Professionals in renewable energy sector, public utilities officials and politicians will have access to better and updated knowledge.

Who Can Apply?

Both Local and International students can apply for this master progrmme, The process for applying to master programme is the same for international and domestic students. Please review the information below to better understand what is required, and follow this three-step process. Be sure to save your Applicant Number so that you can use it in future to access your application.

For More Information Read Enrollment Process Section


Graduates of recognized academic institutions outside Sri Lanka should hold an appropriate bachelor’s degree or its equivalent as assessed by the University Grant Commission Sri Lanka

For More Information Read Enrollment Process Section