Master Programme


Master of Science in Energy for Circular Economy is a fully online postgraduate programme offered jointly by The Open University of Sri Lanka, University of Moratuwa, University of Peradeniya, and University of Ruhuna. The programme has been developed as a part of Europe - Sri Lanka Capacity Building in Energy Circular Economy (“EUSL-Energy”) project involving four partner universities in Sri Lanka and in collaboration with three European HEIs (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; Centrale Supelec, France; and University of Twente, Netherlands).

The EUSL-Energy project was supported by the Erasmus+ framework of the European Commission. The main objective of the EUSL- Energy project is to establish a fully integrated collaboration between the partner universities in Sri Lanka and the European universities to create a new Masters programme which gives the graduates the knowledge, skills, creativity, competence, and business- perspective to solve the future energy-related challenges in the country in an environmentally and financially sustainable manner. The joint MSc programme in Energy for Circular Economy therefore intends to contribute to the capacity building of the energy sector in Sri Lanka.

EUSL-Energy Project

The EUSL-Energy project, in a unique and not yet explored way, addresses the challenge, and turn it into an opportunity of creating an excellent educational program within the energy transition sector so far not existing in Sri Lanka. The unique features are (i) taking into account the circular economy towards a de-carbonized energy system including raw materials and waste, (ii) allowing students to follow the education through local universities in collaboration with EU partner universities, (iii) utilizing a modern repository thinking for shareware learning units, (iv) a modern distribution mechanism for courses, and (v) considering aspects continuously demanded by industry like innovation and entrepreneurship and "21st century skills" of various kind.

More About EUSL-Energy Project

Why This MSc?

Energy transformation from weather-dependent resources on earth to useful energy services with a minimum impact on the environment is a challenge faced by many societies in the contemporary world. With climate change and other environmental degradation due to the use of energy services causing significant issues specifically in the emerging economies, the need for innovation, optimal use of technology and sustainable energy cannot be understated. Higher-level education in the energy sector therefore is seen as a necessary tool to equip the personnel in the industry to ensure better living conditions and sustainable life for all citizens.

Potential graduates of this programme will obtain knowledge and expertise in the areas of energy technology and management, including but not limited to solar PV, solar thermal, wind power, wave power, geothermal energy, energy storage, nuclear energy, hydroelectric and other traditional energy fields, smart grids, energy management in buildings, industry and transportation, energy auditing, energy systems planning, energy economics, energy policy and development, carbon accounting and reduction, and environmental pollution controls. The graduates shall enter energy technology and management related careers as leaders in design, site analysis, policy planning and implementation, auditing, management, quality control, sales, and as entrepreneurial initiators.