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The study programme prepares graduates to achieve professional and career accomplishments as identified in the following Programme Educational Objectives

  • Lead teams in the various fields of energy engineering and management, and contribute professionally to social, technological, and economic development both nationally and/or internationally.
  • Apply advanced energy technologies to the solutions of complex energy-related engineering problems with circular economy approach and extended knowledge and skills within the context of research for career advancements.
  • Acquire 21st century emerging knowledge in energy technology/management and exemplify self-advancement (autonomy in the continuous further professional development) through continuous academic and/or professional development towards circular economy in the energy sector.
  • Demonstrate expertise in a core area (track) of energy engineering/circular economy, such as energy for industry, renewable energy, energy management, sustainable development & entrepreneurship/innovation/business.

The graduates shall enter energy technology and management related careers as leaders in design, site analysis, policy planning and implementation, auditing, management, quality control, sales, and as entrepreneurial initiators.

Master of Science in Energy for Circular Economy